Problem: Citrix Terminal Server and ArcSDE or ArcInfo


If you exit a Citrix Terminal Server, without disconnecting from ArcSDE and/or ArcInfo first, the ArcSDE and ArcInfo processes will continue to run.


If you disconnect from a Citrix Terminal Server without disconnecting from ArcSDE or ArcInfo, the ArcSDE and ArcInfo processes will continue running on the Citrix Terminal Server. These processes will remain indefinitely, and eventually all licenses will be used by these orphan processes. Other users will not be able to connect to ArcInfo, and the system will be hung.

Solution or Workaround

All client users should exit ArcInfo or ArcSDE before exiting a Citrix Terminal Server. Additionally, the systems administrator for the Citrix Terminal Server can use the connection manager and have all processes unassociated with a session killed if the session ends.