Bug: Records aren't deleted in the table when the delete key is pressed


** This issue is resolved with ArcGIS 9.2 **

The selected records in a table should be deleted when the Delete key is pressed. In some cases, pressing the Delete key doesn't remove any of the records.


The table grid must have focus for records to be deleted. When using commands on the table window, focus is normally returned to the table grid. If you are moving between applications, however, focus may not be returned to the table grid.


Click on a cell in the table grid to make it active, then press the delete key. A heavy black outline around one of the grid cells indicates that the table has focus.

Table has focus:

[O-Image] Active grid
Table doesn't have focus:

[O-Image] Non active grid

The underlying issue of table usability is resolved with the user interface enhancements added at ArcGIS 9.2.