Problem: New selection is not automatically applied to the related tables


In ArcView GIS 3.x, when making a selection, the associated records are automatically selected in the linked themes and tables. In ArcMap, creating a relate for a layer does not automatically apply selections on the layer to the related data.


A relate in ArcMap doesn't automatically apply a selection to related data.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Manually apply a selection using a relate.
  2. Open the attribute table for the layer or table with the relate.
  3. Click Options > Related Tables.
  4. Select the relate in the Related Tables pull-right menu to open the related table and apply the selection from the source layer.

    The ArcObjects help has a sample tool that will automatically apply a selection to a related table. See ArcObjects Developer Help > Contents > Samples > ArcMap > Tables > Auto Relate.