FAQ: Does ArcPress support the HP DesignJet 5500, 5000, 800 or 500?


Does ArcPress support the HP DesignJet 5500, 5000, 800 or 500?


ArcGIS 8.1 included a new RTL driver for ArcPress for ArcGIS and for ArcPress for ArcView GIS (the ArcPress 2.0a patch for ArcView GIS). This driver is supported on all HP DesignJet Printers that support on-board device dithering, including the HP DesignJet 5500, 5000, 800 and 500 series printers.

The RTL-CMYK driver in ArcPress for ArcGIS, ArcPress for ArcInfo Workstation, ArcPress for ArcView GIS and ArcPress Version 1.0 do not work and are not supported on these devices.

ArcPress support for HP DesignJet 500

· ArcPress for ArcGIS 9.2 and above
Use the 'HP Universal' driver which automatically selects the appropriate ArcPress-HP driver for the particular HP DesignJet printer selected.

· ArcPress for ArcGIS 9.0 and 9.1
A new driver is available at ArcGIS Desktop 9.0 Service Pack 2 in ArcPress for ArcGIS that supports the HP DesignJet 500 directly: the HP PCL RGB driver.

· ArcPress for ArcGIS 8.X, ArcPress for ArcInfo Workstation and ArcPress for ArcView GIS:
The RTL Device-Dithered RGB is the only ArcPress driver supported on this printer. The HP DesignJet 500 will only support this driver if the optional HPGL2 card is installed.

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Last Published: 5/5/2016

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