Error: Unable to re-open lock file (C:\flexlm\ESRI): Permission denied

Error Message

Error found in the License Manager Debug Log File:
12:03:38 (ESRI) Unable to re-open lock file (C:\flexlm\ESRI): Permission denied
12:03:38 (ESRI) IN: "ARC/INFO" <username>@hostname (SHUTDOWN)
12:03:45 (lmgrd) MULTIPLE "ESRI" servers running.
12:03:45 (lmgrd) Please kill, and run lmreread
12:03:45 (lmgrd)
12:03:45 (lmgrd) This error probably results from either:
12:03:45 (lmgrd) 1. Another copy of lmgrd running
12:03:45 (lmgrd) 2. A prior lmgrd was killed with "kill -9"
12:03:45 (lmgrd) (which would leave the vendor daemon running)
12:03:45 (lmgrd) To correct this, do a "ps -ax | grep ESRI"
12:03:45 (lmgrd) (or equivalent "ps" command)
12:03:45 (lmgrd) and kill the "ESRI" process


In order for the license manager to run, the vendor daemon must be able to establish an exclusive lock on the files in the C:\flexlm folder.

Antivirus software opens the files in the C:\flexlm folder to scan them for viruses. If these files are open or the antivirus software has marked them as Read Only, the vendor daemon cannot exclusively access the files and the license manager shuts down. Norton Corporate Edition and McAffee antivirus software have been known to cause this error.

Solution or Workaround

1. Go to the C:\flexlm folder and right click on each of the files. Verify that they are not marked as Read Only or Archive.
a. If they are marked Read Only or Archive, uncheck these boxes.
b. Restart your license manager.
c. If the error still occurs, continue to:

2. Stop your license manager. Do not restart!

3. Delete all the files in your C:\flexlm folder.

4. Restart your license manager. The files will automatically be recreated when the license manager restarts.

To prevent this error, set your antivirus software to exclude the C:\flexlm folder. For additional information about antivirus scans and file exclusions, check with the sntivirus software vendor.

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