How To: Convert SDTS raster data to an ArcInfo GRID


Use the SDTS Raster to Grid utility to convert raster data in SDTS format to an ArcInfo Grid. The USGS commonly uses the SDTS format to deliver raster data such as Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).


Before beginning this conversion process, if extracting the SDTS data using the WinZip utility, refer to the Knowledge Base article "How To: Fix WinZip configuration and avoid data corruption" in the Related Information section below for instructions on extracting the data from the .TAR.GZ compressed folder.

If these instructions are not followed, the data may be corrupted.
  1. Click Start > Programs > Esri > ArcView GIS 3.X > SDTS Raster to Grid
  2. Enter the following information in the Input prefix text box:
    • The path to the input file
    • The input prefix
      The input prefix is the four-character code at the beginning of the SDTS file names.
  3. Enter the name and path of the new grid in the Output Grid text box.
    The following are some limitations when working with this tool:
    • the input data must be on the local hard drive, in a location with no spaces in the path, and no spaces in the folder name where the files are located
    • the grid must be created on the local hard drive, not over a network
    • the grid must be written to a location with no spaces in the path name, and no spaces in the name of the output workspace
    • the name cannot be over 13 characters long
    • the name cannot contain spaces
    • the name cannot start with a number
    • the name must be in all lower-case letters
    • the name does not have an extension
  4. Accept all other defaults and click OK.
    [O-Image] SDTS Raster to GRID example

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