CurrentCSrc" failed at line 538 of file "..\fsrc\fsrc.c"" />

Error: Assertion "Self->CurrentCSrc" failed at line 538 of file "..\fsrc\fsrc.c"

Error Message

When opening a project, the "Where is ...?" prompt appears one or more times. Cancelling all and attempting to save the project returns the error:

Assertion "Self->CurrentCSrc" failed at line 538 of file "..\fsrc\fsrc.c"


Some of the data used to create the project has been moved or deleted.

Solution or Workaround

If you cannot find the missing data files, you will need to create dummy files in order to open the project.

  1. Create dummy shapefiles with the same names as the ones missing.
  2. Open the offending project and select the dummy shapefiles when prompted "Where is ...". The project should open fine.
  3. Delete the dummy shapefile themes from the view and any associated tables.
  4. Save the project.