How To: Install a keyed version of ArcView and extensions


International versions of ArcView GIS and extensions (3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, etc.) require a hardware key. This document outline the procedure for installing keyed version of ArcView and extensions.


1. Attach the hardware key, or dongle, to the computer's parallel printer port.

The key must be installed on the LPT1 port. If a printer is currently installed on this port remove the cable, attach the key, then attach the printer cable to the back of the key.

2. Install the Sentinel hardware key driver software. This procedure may change from platform to platform and from version to version. Refer to the ArcView installation guide for more information.

3. Run the ArcView GIS installation program again. This time install ArcView GIS.

4. Attach the hardware key for any extensions you wish to install to the back of the ArcView GIS hardware key.

5. Run the extension installation program. Repeat this step for all extensions.

The extension key information is transferred to the ArcView GIS hardware key. You can discard the extension hardware keys as they no longer have any value and cannot be used again. The only key that needs to be permanently attached to your machine is the main ArcView GIS key. If at any time you need to reinstall ArcView and extensions, simply follow these same steps but skip step number 4.