Error: ***ERROR NUMBER xxx IN FUNCTION edll_Open***

Error Message

Various ArcInfo commands that used to work with IMAGINE format images are now returning errors similar to:

***ERROR NUMBER 147 IN FUNCTION edll_Open***
>>>/san9/imagine8.3/830/usr/lib/archm/RasterFormats/img.dll: dlopen error: [ld.so.1:/net/prodinstall/prodinstall1/arcinfo/arcinfo_802/arcexe80/bin/arcedit: fatal:/san9/imagine8.3/830/usr/lib/archm/RasterFormats/img.dll: open failed: No such file or directory]<<<


An IMAGINE_HOME variable is being explicitly set with a path to an IMAGINE install location.

IMAGINE_HOME is always implicitly taken by Workstation as $ARCHOME/raster, and the IMAGINE libraries installed with Workstation expect a directory hierarchy under IMAGINE_HOME, which can be found in $ARCHOME/raster. Therefore, setting a new IMAGINE_HOME will only work if the same directory hierarchy is maintained.

ArcInfo Workstation does not require the IMAGINE_HOME variable to be set.

Solution or Workaround

  • In the shell you are running ArcInfo from, use:

    unsetenv IMAGINE_HOME

    This will remove the IMAGINE_HOME variable from that particular command shell.

    Alternatively, remove IMAGINE_HOME from the user's .cshrc file. This will prevent all new shells from setting this variable automatically.

  • Install ArcInfo Workstation 8.1. Changes were made at this version to prevent IMAGINE_HOME settings of other applications from clashing with the internal setting used by Workstation.