How To: Use the Projector! sample extension


You can use the Projector! extension to change the projection of shapefiles. The Projector! extension comes with ArcView 3.x. If you have ArcView 3.2 or higher, you may consider using the Shapefile Projection Utility.


  1. Load the Projector! extension.
    A. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the ..\esri\av_gis30\arcview\samples\ext folder.
    B. Copy the file named prjctr.avx.
    C. Paste the file into the . .\esri\av_gis30\arcview\ext32 folder.
    D. In ArcView, select Extensions from the File menu.
    E. Check the box for the Projector! extension.
    F. Click OK.
  2. Make the view active and select Properties from the View menu.
  3. Set the Map units for your data and click OK.
    Don't set a projection.
  4. Make the theme to be projected active.
  5. Click the Change Projection button.
    [O-Image] Projector! button
  6. Specify an input projection and Click OK.
    You will only be prompted to do this if your data is projected, but not if it is in the Geographic coordinate system.
  7. Specify the output units and click OK.
  8. Specify the output projection and click OK.
  9. Follow the directions in the remainder of the dialog boxes.