Error: Error in Reading Shape Record Length for Record . . .

Error Message

This error occurs when adding a shapefile to ArcView:

"Error in Reading Shape Record Length for Record . . ."


The shapefile is corrupted. Shapefiles can become corrupted if the $HOME and/or $TEMP directories full, or if they don't have enough disk space.

Solution or Workaround

1. Determine the settings for the $HOME and $TEMP environment variables.

A. Open a new view.
B. Select Add Theme from the View menu.
C. Replace the path in the Directory field with the environment variable, for example $HOME
D. Press the Enter key.

The Directory field will now show the actual path.

2. Make sure there is plenty of free space on the drive where the $HOME and $TEMP directories are located.

There should be 100 MB of free disk space.

3. Check the contents of the $HOME and $TEMP directories. Remove any un-needed files. If you do not wish to delete any of these files, you can rename the directory and create a new one. For example, rename c:\temp to c:\temp1 and then create a new c:\temp folder.

ArcView will perform optimally if each directory contains less than 100 MB of files.

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