How To: Create new markers for ArcView using a graphics program


You can create an image file in a graphics program, such as Windows Paint, and import it as maker into the ArcView Symbol Palette.

It is suggested you first examine the sample palettes on page 322 of the Using ArcView GIS book. These palettes are stored in the $AVHOME\SYMBOLS directory. See Related Information to find out how to load these palettes into the symbol window. If you don't find a symbol you like, you can create one and import it as outlined in this document.


  1. Start your graphics application. For Windows Paint, click Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint.
  2. Open a New image window.
  3. Set the size of the drawing area to 1"x1" or less. Larger images will slow down ArcView.
  4. Draw your graphics to cover the entire area, or crop any extra space when done.
  5. Save the image as a 16-color or 256-color .BMP file.
  6. Start ArcView.
  7. Import the bitmap as a marker.
    A. Select Show Symbol Window from the Window menu
    B. Select the Palette Manager (the palette icon)
    C. Change the Type field to Marker
    D. Click on the Import button
    E. Use the File Browser to find the image file and click OK.
    A marker is added to the Marker palette. You can assign this marker to point graphics or use it to classify a point theme legend.

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