Error: GRD ERROR - Syntax Error at or near symbol / Open Tile Channel

Error Message

One of these two errors occur when performing a spatial operation with the ArcView Spatial Analyst extension:

"GRD ERROR - Syntax error at or near symbol <path> to Shapefile or Grid"

"Open Tile Channel"


Path and/or name of the shapefile or the grid is not 8.3 compliant.

Solution or Workaround

Make sure the path and the file name of the grid or shapefile are 8.3 compliant.

For a file or path name to be 8.3 compliant, the prefix portion of the name must not be longer than 8 characters. The suffix portion of the name must be 3 characters long exactly. Additionally, the path or file name must not contain special characters, such as, spaces, #, $, and so forth.

To avoid data corruption, use Manage Data Sources.

A. Click File > Manage Data Sources in the View.

B. Click Copy and select a location that is 8.3 compliant.

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000002544