How To: Permanently disable Avenue and interface customization for all users


The information in this article applies to ArcView GIS versions 3.x only. The instructions described apply to the Avenue programming language, which is specific to the ArcView GIS application.

Steps to disable Avenue by modifying the Appl.Initialize system script.


  1. Open a new project.
  2. Open a new script window.
    1. Activate the Project window.
    2. Click the Scripts icon.
    3. Click New.
  3. Click Script > Properties, and change the name to Appl.Initialize.
  4. Click Script > Load System Script and select Appl.Initialize from the script Manager window.
  5. Insert following line at top of script.
  1. Compile and close the script.
  2. Open a new script window.
  3. If you want to disable Avenue for just one user, insert following code into script editor window.

If you want to disable Avenue for all users on the computer, insert this code into the script editor window.

If you are choosing to disable Avenue for the entire system, you must navigate to the ..\esri\av_gis30\arcview\etc directory and rename the file default.apr to default.bak before continuing. For more information see Related Information.
  1. Compile and run this script.

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