Problem: MrSid images print as black squares


When printing a layout or a view, the MrSid images print as black squares.


There are two possible causes: insufficient system resources, and/or outdated AVMrSID.dll.

Solution or Workaround

Check the system resources. The TEMP directory should be set to a drive with plenty of free disk space.

For help with setting a system environment variable, see: How To: Edit an environment variable.

MrSid images are compressed at a default ratio of 20:1. This ratio could be higher or lower depending on how the images were created. ArcView uncompresses these images in the TEMP directory when printing. So, by default, a 20 MB MrSid image requires around 400 MB of temporary space.

Alternately, or in addition to the step above, download and install the updated AVMrSID.dll from the Related Links section. Those links include installation instructions.

This DLL improves display and uncompression speeds for MrSid images.

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