How To: Use a StreetMap USA geocoding service for nationwide geocoding with ArcSDE


StreetMap USA geocoding services use the US Streets data provided on the 'Data and Map for StreetMap' CD-ROM. Your ArcSDE server administrator needs to determine where to store this data. It may remain on the CD-ROM; however, for performance and ease of access, it is strongly recommended that the data is stored on a hard disk, preferably on the same disk as the ArcSDE server installation. The US Streets data requires about 600 MB of disk space. To copy the data onto a hard disk, create a new directory (e.g., /streetmap/us_streets), and copy all data with an .EDG extension from the CD-ROM to this directory.


Your ArcSDE server administrator must set up an ArcSDE environment variable named ESRI_US_STREETS_DIR so server-side geocoding services can find this data. This environment variable must contain the path to the directory containing the US Streets data. For example:

  • On UNIX platforms, add the following line to your dbinit.sde file:

    set ESRI_US_STREETS_DIR=/streetmap/us_streets

    Modify this path to point to the location you chose for the data.
  • On Windows platforms, add the following line to your dbinit.sde file:

    set ESRI_US_STREETS_DIR=c:\streetmap\us_streets

    Don't add a trailing '/' or '\' to the end of the path.

    On Windows platforms, if the data is stored on a networked computer other than the ArcSDE server, you must make sure the ArcSDE service can access the data across the network. To do this:

    1. You must use an account with network access privileges to start the ArcSDE service.

    2. Open the Services dialog box and click the ArcSDE service.

    3. On Windows NT, click Startup, or, on Windows 2000, click the Properties button, then click the Log On tab.

    4. Under Log On As, click This Account.

    5. Enter the name of a network account to use to start the service (including domain, if applicable), and the password for the account.

    You will need to restart your ArcSDE service before these changes will take effect.