Error: Error in results

Error Message

This error may appear in the browser when trying to serve a MapObjects IMS application using the ArcIMS middleware:

"Error in results"


There are two possible causes for this error:

1. Repeated registering and unregistering of the MapObjects IMS application.
2. Using the WriteFile method in ArcIMS.

Solution or Workaround

These problems have been resolved in the ArcIMS 3.1 Middleware.

If upgrading to ArcIMS 3.1 is not an option, it may be possible to work around these issues doing the following:

  • Alter the MapObjects code to reduce unnecessary registering and unregistering of the application. The application should be registered once when it is started, and unregistered once when it is stopped.
  • Modify the MapObjects code to avoid using the WriteFile method. Use the WriteString method instead.