How To: Join an RDBMS table to an attribute table


In order to join RDBMS tables to attribute tables in ArcView, each table must contain a unique ID to be used as the join field. This example demonstrates how to accomplish this with Oracle Tables.


  1. Create a Data Source Name for the Oracle Database:
    1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
    2. Double-click the ODBC32 Administrator icon.
    3. Select the User DSN tab, then click the Add button.
    4. Select the Oracle ODBC Driver and click the Finish button.
    5. Type in a name for the DSN in the Data Source Name field, for example 'Addresses'.
    6. Enter the Service Name.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Click OK to close the ODBC Administrator dialog box.
  2. Add the Oracle table to ArcView.
    1. Start ArcView.
    2. Select SQL Connect from the Project menu.
    3. Select the Data Source Name (DSN) from the Connections scrolling list.
      You may need to restart ArcView before new DSNs appear in this SQL Connect dialog box.
    4. Click Connect. Type in User Name and Password if necessary.
    5. Double-click the table in the Tables list.
    6. Double-click the desired columns From the Columns list.
    7. Enter a name for the new ArcView table in the Output table field.
    8. Click Query.
  3. Join the Oracle Table (source) to the shapefile attribute table (destination).
    1. Open the two tables.
    2. Place tables side-by-side.
    3. Make the source table active and select the join field.
    4. Make the destination table active and select the join field.
    5. Select Join from the Table menu.
      The source table is removed from the screen and the fields from the source table are added to the destination table.