Error: SURFACESHADE: All cells in grid have NODATA. VAT will not be built.

Error Message

SURFACEDRAPE SURFACESHADE returns the error: "All cells in grid /path/xxlat0850001 have NODATA value. VAT will not be built."

Nothing is draped.


The mesh point spacing of the temporary viewing lattice is larger than the extent of the SURFACE data.

This most often occurs when surface units are decimal degrees, but SURFACERESOLUTION (SRE) is set as though the units were feet or meters. The xxlat grid is a temporary viewing lattice built at the SRE resolution.

Solution or Workaround

  1. DESCRIBE the SURFACE to determine the surface x.y units.
  2. Type SHOW SURFACERESOLUTION to determine the current SRE setting. The first number of the values returned is the current SRE.
  3. Change SRE to a value appropriate to the x,y units of the SURFACE data.