How To: Open the ArcIMS AppServer Console window


When troubleshooting ArcIMS issues, it may be helpful to see messages generated by the Application Server. The AppServer Console window will display all communications between the client, the Application Server, and the MapService.


  1. Locate and open the AppServer.properties file in a text editor. This file can be found in the AppServer folder of your ArcIMS installation directory.
  2. Find the third paragraph, which begins with "Set this to 'true' if a Console Window logging the status of the Application Server is required." Edit the file to read:


  3. Save AppServer.properties and exit the text editor.
  4. Open the Services dialog by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services.

    Steps 4 through 6 are for Windows only.

  5. Double-click the 'ArcIMS Application Server 3.x' service. This will display a dialog box.
  6. In the 'Log On As' section of the dialog box, check the 'Allow Service to Interact with Desktop' check box. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  7. Stop and restart the ArcIMS Services in the correct order to display the AppServer Console.

    There is a specific sequence to follow when stopping and restarting the ArcIMS services (Windows) or processes (UNIX).


    Stop them in the following order:
    A) ArcIMS Tasker
    B) ArcIMS Monitor
    C) ArcIMS Application Server

    Start them in the opposite order you stopped them:
    A) ArcIMS Application Server
    B) ArcIMS Monitor
    C) ArcIMS Tasker

    For further information about the stop and start of ArcIMS services on Windows or Linux operating systems, see the articles listed in Related Information below.