How To: Name coverages for conversion with ARCDFAD


ARCDFAD requires all coverages in the source workspace to be named DSnnnL or DSnnnP. The nnn part of the name must be a number, such as 01 or 001. For example, DS001L.


  • DSnnnL coverages must contain point and/or line features to be converted.
  • DSnnnP coverages must contain lines that enclose an area.
  • An L and P coverage is not necessary for each DSnnn name.
  • Data containing just points only needs an L coverage.
  • Areas defined by closed lines only require a P coverage.
  • Use the RENAME command to apply these types of names.

    It appears there is no limit to the length of the number used in the DFAD naming convention. However, more than 4 digits may become a problem when performing other ARCDFAD pre-processing tasks.