How To: Apply symbology to multiple datasets in ArcMap


Steps to apply symbology to multiple datasets in ArcMap.


  1. In the Table of Contents right-click the data layer and select Properties > Symbology tab.
    A. Aight-click the layer in the TOC.
    B. Select Properties.
    C. Switch to the Symbology tab.

    [O-Image] Open ArcMap layer symbology dialog box
  2. Use the Symbology menu to define the display characteristics for your data layer.
  3. Right-click the dataset and choose Save As Layer File then exit ArcMap.
    Save As Layer File option on the Context menu after right-clicking a dataset in ArcMap's Table of Contents.

    [O-Image] Save As Layer File menu selection

  4. In ArcCatalog, make a copy of the new layer file and rename it.
  5. Open ArcMap and add the renamed layer file.
  6. Right-click the layer, and select the Properties > Source tab from the Properties dialog.
  7. Click the Set Data Source button, navigate to the location of the dataset and click Add.
    Image of Source tab of the Layer Properties dialog to show the Set Data Source button.

    [O-Image] Source tab of Layer Properties dialog
  8. Navigate to the desired dataset and click Add.