Error: Invalid column data type (-53)

Error Message

Using the 'sdelayer -o register' command to register an externally-created Oracle Spatial layer with the option "-c <primary key column>", this error may appear:
ArcSDE 8.0.2 Build 334 Fri Feb 18 07:04:29 PST 2000
Layer Administration Utility
Error: Invalid column data type (-53).
Error: Unable to alter registration for table cities
Error: Invalid column data type (-53).
Error: External table cannot be registered


The column specified with the "-c" option was not of the format NUMBER(38). This column type is required. This problem can occur when Oracle Spatial Geometry type layers are not created with ArcSDE data loading tools (e.g. shp2sde).

Solution or Workaround

Do one of the following:

- When using the "-c" option, do not specify an existing column, allowing SDE to create the column for you.

- Use an existing column of the type NUMBER(38) for the "-c" option, or create one.