How To: Run two versions of Oracle on the same server with two versions of ArcSDE


UNIX allows multiple versions of Oracle and multiple versions of ArcSDE to run on the same server. Windows NT allows only a single version of Oracle, but multiple instances of one version of Oracle can support different versions of ArcSDE on the same server.


  • On UNIX:

    After installing both versions of Oracle, you need to set up the environment in the SDE user's .cshrc file. You can define an variable to switch between environments. The following example defines the variable DBMS to switch between Oracle 8.0.4 and Oracle 8.1.5:

    if ($?DBMS == 0) then
    setenv DBMS arcsde80_804

    switch ($DBMS)
    case "arcsde80_804"
    setenv SDEHOME /luke1/oraexe/sdeexe80
    setenv ORACLE_HOME /luke1/oracle/app/oracle/product/8.0.4
    setenv ORACLE_SID sde80
    setenv ESRI_LICENSE_FILE 27005@luke

    case "sde3022_815"
    setenv SDEHOME /luke1/oraexe/sdeora815
    setenv ORACLE_HOME /luke1/ora815/app/oracle/product/8.1.5
    setenv ORACLE_SID luke815
    setenv SDEINSTANCE sde3022_ora8i
    setenv ESRI_LICENSE_FILE 27005@luke


    In this example, you would switch from the default Oracle 8.0.4 / ArcSDE 8.x to Oracle 8.1.5 / SDE by typing the following at the UNIX prompt:

    setenv DBMS sde3022_815
    source .cshrc

    You could also set up aliases in your .cshrc file to simplify this switching process:

    alias o815 'setenv DBMS sde3022_815;source .cshrc'
    alias o804 'setenv DBMS arcsde80_804;source .cshrc'

    After installing either ArcSDE 8.x or SDE 3.x, make sure the license.dat file in $SDEHOME/sysgen contains keycodes for both versions. Use the same license.dat file when installing the license manager for the second version.

  • On Windows NT:

    The ArcSDE 8.0.2 for Oracle 8i installation on Windows NT sets the ORACLE_SID value in the dbinit.sde file. Check the dbinit.sde file located in %SDEHOME%\etc to see if ORACLE_SID is set. If you have two ArcSDE instances don't forget to check both dbinit.sde files. If ORACLE_SID is not set, add the following to the dbinit.sde file:

    set ORACLE_SID=<Your_Oracle_SID>

    See the ArcSDE Administrator's guide for more details on setting variables in the dbinit.sde file.