Error: SDE Code (-42): Invalid SQL syntax - Not able to create business table

Error Message

This error occurs when loading data into ArcSDE with RDBMS reserved words:

ArcSDE 8.0.2 Build 347 Tue Feb 22 08:30:13 PST 2000
Shape to Layer Loading Administration Utility
Set X_offset = -87
Set Y_offset = 35
Set XY_scale = 100000000
SDE Code (-42): Invalid SQL syntax
Not able to create business table TEST5


ArcSDE cannot create new database tables and columns where any of the RDBMS reserved words are used for column names.

Solution or Workaround

Check the (ArcInfo Coverage) items or (shapefile or database table) column names are being used. Compare these names against the reserved word list of the RDBMS associated with your ArcSDE instance. If any of them are the same, change them. You can create a file to change the source name to the target name, and place it in the load command with the "-a file=<filename>" parameter.

Fo example, create a file called new_column_names which contains a list of all columns to be used in the new layer and a new name for the columns that you need to rename:

key        keys
level levels
national nation
public public_1
local local_2

Use the file in the shp2sde command or cov2sde command:

shp2sde -o create -l regioni,shape -f regioni -g 10000 -x -350000,-4200000,100 -e a -a file=new_column_names -c 1000 -i sde_ima2 -s imagineering -D #### -u #### -p ####