Problem: The sample script ddecress.ave won't execute


The sample script ddecress.ave, (DDE Create Spreadsheet) fails to execute.


An incorrect Avenue request was used in the script.

Solution or Workaround

Edit the script and substitute 'ReturnValueString' for 'GetValueString'.

In the DDE Create SpreadSheet sample script, the ArcView DDEClient establishes a conversation with an Excel server using the system topic. The ArcView Client uses Execute to create a new spreadsheet, Request to get the information about the spreadsheet, and Poke to populate the spreadsheet with information from the selected rows using the contents of the specified fields. Though this program uses Excel, other applications may have similar functionality.

For more information about DDE and scripts see the on-line Avenue help.

The DDE Create Spreadsheet demonstrates how to use DDE transactions; Execute, Request, and Poke to populate an Excel spreadsheet based on specific fields in a table.