How To: Get help for ArcSDE software development issues


ArcSDE contains three main application programmer interfaces for developers to build applications that work with and query information contained in multi-user geodatabases:

· ArcSDE Client API for C programmers

· ArcSDE Client API for Java programmers

· SQL API for DBMS's that support spatial types. These include the Informix Spatial Blade and the IBM DB2 Spatial Extender.


  1. Navigate to the documentation directory of your ArcSDE install location.
  2. Change directories into the ArcSDE Developer Help folder (Windows NT) or the arcsde_dev_help directory (UNIX).
  3. Start ArcSDE Developer Help by opening the SDEhelp.chm on Windows NT, or SDEhelp.htm on UNIX.

    Documentation updates for the latest release of ArcSDE are available on the Web sites listed below. For older releases, refer to ArcSDE Developer Help which documents your specific version of ArcSDE.

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