How To: Spline geodatabase annotation to a line


Splining annotation to a line enhances the placement of descriptive symbology to a feature. You can edit annotation and spline it to a curved line in ArcMap.


  1. Add annotation layer to ArcMap data view.
  2. Start an Editing session.

    A. Click the Editor button
    B. Click Start Editing

  3. Set the annotation target.

    A. Click the Drawing button on the Draw toolbar.
    B. Click Active Annotation Target.
    C. Select the desired annotation layer.

  4. Click the Select Graphics button on the Draw toolbar.
  5. Select the annotation you want to spline by clicking on it or dragging a box around it.
  6. Click the Edit Vertices button on the Draw toolbar. This will display vertices along the baseline of the annotation.
  7. Add a vertex to this baseline.

    A. Place cursor on a location along annotation baseline
    B. Right-click and select Add Vertex
    C. Reposition new vertices to curve annotation