How To: Start the ArcSDE service as READONLY


With ArcSDE 8.0.2, a new parameter called READONLY has been added to the giomgr.defs file. The two possible values for the READONLY parameter are TRUE or FALSE with FALSE being the default.

You may start multiple READONLY services on a single database. It is also possible to have one or more READONLY services and one READ/WRITE service operating on the same database. You cannot have two READ/WRITE services operating on the same database.

The purpose of providing a READONLY ArcSDE service is to provide better support for those using Oracle Parallel Server for read only applications. Connections to READONLY services prohibit any schema or data change of any kind, regardless of RDBMS permissions.


If you intend to query versioned tables through a READONLY service, be sure and set the STATECACHING parameter to FALSE. This will prevent the caching of older versions of a table updated by the WRITEABLE service.

The sdemon -o info -I config command can be used to determine which mode a running ArcSDE service has been started in. The Instance Type field will contain READ/WRITE or READONLY

Each ArcSDE service requires its own home directory. To create additional READONLY ArcSDE services,

1) Copy an existing home directory to a new location.

2) Set the SDEHOME variable to the new location.

3) Edit $SDEHOME/etc/giomgr.defs (UNIX) or %SDEHOME%\etc\giomgr.defs (Windows NT) setting the READONLY parameter to TRUE.

4) Edit your system's services file to define a unique service name and tcp port number.

5) Windows NT systems should use the sdeservice command to create a new service.

6) Start the service with sdemon -o start -p <password> (UNIX) or with the Services Manager (Windows NT)

Note: each new service requires an ArcSDEService license in the license file.