Problem: Select by Attributes option for ArcSDE views in ArcMap is greyed out


Clicking the Option button on an open attribute table of an ArcSDE view, loaded in ArcMap, may show the Select by Attributes option disabled.


The option is disabled because the ArcSDE View does not have an Object-ID type column. All tables that do not have an Object-ID type column will disable the Select by Attributes option.

Solution or Workaround

Registering the view with the geodatabase will enable the Select by Attribute option:
[O-Image] Select by Attributes

1. Select the view in ArcCatalog

2. Select the view name

3. Select Register with Geodatabase

Tables with a column name of ObjectID may not necessarily be an Object ID type. You can verify this in ArcCatalog by right-clicking the layer, selecting Properties, and selecting the Fields Tab in the Table Properties Dialog window. If you don't see the Data Type value listed as ObjectID (Integer, number, etc.) the Select by Attributes option will be disabled.