Error: ORA-00959: tablespace 'P' does not exist

Error Message

This error occurs when using ArcSDE commands that call the SE_layer_create function, such as "shp2sde -o create ... -k ...", if LD_TBLSP and LF_TBLSP parameters are defined in the dbtune.sde file:

SDE Code (-51): Underlying DBMS error (Error in SE_layer_create())
Extended DBMS error code: 959
ORA-00959: tablespace 'P' does not exist


In dbtune.sde, LD_TBLSP and LF_TBLSP parameters are used to specify in which tablespace the SDE_LOG_FILES and SDE_LOGFILE_DATA tables should be stored.

These parameters should be used under the specially named keyword that begins with "##LOGFILE_ ", and should not be stored under any other user defined keyword. This problem can be solved in three different ways.

Solution or Workaround

  • Option 1: Define all ArcSDE log file parameters, including LD_TBLSP and LF_TBLSP, under ##LOGFILE_DEFAULTS.
  • Option 2: To store the ArcSDE log files for each user in a different tablespace, define the LD_TBLSP and LF_TBLSP under ##LOGFILE_<username> keyword. The default set in ##LOGFILE_DEFAULTS keyword will be used if other LD_ and LF_ parameters are not defined under ##LOGFILE_<username>.
  • Option 3: Remove all ArcSDE log files parameters from dbtune.sde, hence, Oracle defaults will be used.

    For more information on ArcSDE log file parameters refer to 'ArcSDE 8 Configuration and Tuning Guide for Oracle', pages: 80,81,83,84.