How To: Label polygon and polyline features and place free text in an ArcPad project


ArcPad can only label point shapefiles and does not provide a way to add free text to an ArcPad project.

This document provides a method for labeling polygon and polyline features, using ArcView GIS. The method used to label polygon and polyline features also allows you to add free text to an ArcPad project.


  1. Create labels in ArcView.
    For more information on how to create labels in ArcView, see the Arcview online Help topic 'Overview of labeling'. To find it, type "labeling" in the Index tab and click Display.
  2. Convert the labels to a point shapefile. This script will create a text field called Text.
    See: How To: Convert labels to a point shapefile that can be used in another view, project, or application
  3. Add the point shapefile in ArcPad.
  4. Label using the Text field.