How To: Create and start a second geoprocessing service on a UNIX server


This document explains how to create and start a new geoprocessing service on a UNIX platform.


  1. Create a new directory to be the new ARCHOME for the new geoprocessing service:
    unix% mkdir arcexe80.new

  2. Copy the gpserver directory from the original ARCHOME to the new director:
    unix% cp -r $ARCHOME/gpserver arcexe80.new

  3. Add symbolic links to all the directories in the original ARCHOME directory:
    unix% ln -s $ARCHOME/* arcexe80.new

    Note: The gpserver directory already exist so no links will be created for it.
  4. Open the arcexe80.new/gpserver/services.rqm file in a text editor and change the instance name and port number to unique values.
  5. Open the /etc/services file in a text editor and add the new instance and port number. The new instance and port number must match the instance and port number in the arcexe80.new/gpserver/services.rqm file.
  6. Change the environment variable ARCHOME to point to the arcexe80.new directory:
    unix% setenv ARCHOME /arcgis/arcexe80.new

  7. Change the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to reflect the changes made to the ARCHOME variable:
    unix% setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH $ARCHOME/lib:/usr/openwin/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/dt/lib

  8. Use the alias command to reference the gpmon command from the new ARCHOME:
    unix% alias gpmon $ARCHOME/bin/gpmon

  9. Start the new geoprocessing service:
    unix% gpmon -o start -p gps