How To: Project a pseudocolor image


Before you project a pseudocolor image, you need to convert it to an ArcInfo grid with a colormap. You can then project the grid and convert it back to an image using the original colormap.

The colormap is an ASCII table that converts the grid's values to a specific RGB component for display.


  1. Convert the image to a grid.

    Arc: IMAGEGRID img.tif img img.clr

    The colormap file 'img.clr' will be created in the same directory as the grid 'img'.

  2. Project the grid.

    Arc: PROJECT GRID img imgprj

    ArcInfo 8.x offers the PROJECTGRID command. All previous versions of ArcInfo offer the PROJECT command with the GRID option.

  3. Convert the projected grid and colormap back to an image.

    Arc: GRIDIMAGE imgprj img.clr imgprj.tif TIFF