How To: Rotate SDE point marker display with LAYERDRAW and MAPANGLE


Display of SDE points with the LAYERDRAW angle|column option does not adjust for MAPANGLE. The marker symbols always maintain the same absolute angle on the graphics page even though they are being rotated around the MAPPOSITION by MAPANGLE.


LAYERDRAW will accept an SQL function call for the option angle argument. For example:

LAYERDRAW def_layer 2 # (angle_col+([SHOW MAPANGLE]))

In this example, 2 is an arbitrary symbol number, angle_col is the name of a column in the SDE layer that holds the marker symbol angles, and [SHOW MAPANGLE] is returning the setting of the MAPANGLE.

It is important to note that the parentheses don't have spaces between themselves and the items they contain. The arithmetic operator does not have spaces around it, and the operator itself may need to be changed depending on the sign of the MAPANGLE value and the signs of the symbol rotation values.
Marker rotation image

[O-Image] Marker rotation image