How To: Create a new Style for use in ArcMap


Custom Styles can help to organize symbols specific to common mapping requirements in an organization, or for a specific project.


  1. ArcMap version 9.3.1 and prior versions:
    • Click Tools > Styles > Style Manager
    ArcMap version 10.x:
    • Click Customize > Style Manager
  2. Click the Styles button on the right side of the Style Manager dialog.
  3. ArcMap 9.3.1 and prior versions:
    • Select Create New on the Styles button drop-down menu.
    ArcMap 10.x:
    • Click the Create New Style button in the Style References dialog box.
    The new style will be created in the User Profile folder, under ArcMap.
  4. Specify a name for the new style in the Save As dialog, then click Save.
    When the new style has been created, new symbols can be created in the available categories.  The new style can be shared with other users by copying the style file to another computer.
    If the style is to be shared, and the style includes symbols created with TrueType fonts, be sure to copy the fonts used to the other computer as well.  The font files are copied to C:\Windows\fonts on the other computer. If the fonts used to create the symbols in the custom style are not installed on the other computer, the symbols may not display correctly.