How To: Create a single image from an HSV gridcomposite


Instructions provided describe how to convert a hue-saturation-value (HSV) gridcomposite to a single image file.


  1. Transform the colour model from Hue-Saturation-Value to Red-Green-Blue. The HSV2RED, HSV2GREEN and HSV2BLUE functions in GRID are used to convert the HSV component grids to RGB grids.

    Grid: red_grd = HSV2RED (hue_grd, sat_grd, val_grd)
    Grid: grn_grd = HSV2GREEN (hue_grd, sat_grd, val_grd)
    Grid: blu_grd = HSV2BLUE (hue_grd, sat_grd, val_grd)

  2. Generate a grid stack to combine the red, green and blue layer grids.

    Grid: MAKESTACK rgb_stk LIST red_grd grn_grd blu_grd

  3. Convert the grid stack to an image with the GRIDIMAGE command.

    Arc: GRIDIMAGE rgb_stk # rgb_tif TIFF

    Consult the GRIDIMAGE documentation for details on generating other image formats.