How To: Convert a pre-7.0 coverage into a format that is recognized by ArcInfo Desktop


Instructions provided explain how to convert a pre-7.0 ArcInfo coverage into a format that is recognized by ArcInfo Desktop.


A pre-7.0 ArcInfo coverage Properties dialog box can be displayed in ArcCatalog, but the data cannot be previewed, added to ArcMap, or converted to another format.
[O-Image] Pre-7 Coverage Properties viewed in ArcCatalog

  1. To convert the coverage to a 7.0 format, start an ArcInfo command window:

    Click Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcInfo Workstation > Arc.

  2. Use the WORKSPACE command to navigate to the directory that contains the pre-7.0 workspace.

    Arc: WORKSPACE {workspace} 

    Where {workspace} is the system path of a directory or subdirectory.

  3. Use the CONVERTWORKSPACE command to convert from pre-7.0 to a format that can be utilized by ArcInfo Desktop.

    Arc: CONVERTWORKSPACE NEW {workspace} 

    Where NEW is a keyword that tells to convert the pre-7.0 coverage to a 7.0 coverage, and {workspace} is the name of the workspace to convert.