Error: Assertion creating "backing store" failed at line 908 of file ..\gdev\ntgdev.c

Error Message

When ungrouping grouped elements in a layout, ArcView returns the error message:

"Assertion creating "backing store" failed at line 908 of File ..\gdev\ntgdev.c.'


This seems to be related to the machine's video card.

Solution or Workaround


  • Option 1 - Ungroup the layout while your machine is in VGA mode:
    1. Quit all applications
    2. Reboot your machine in VGA mode
    3. Start ArcView
    4. Make the necessary changes to the layout
    5. Save your project
    6. Quit ArcView
    7. Reboot your machine in normal mode
    8. Continue your ArcView work as normal
  • Option 2: Check your video card manufacturer's web site for a newer drive. This may provide a permanent fix.
  • Option 3: Maximize your system's resources.

    For help with maximizing system resources in ArcView 3.x, see: How To: Maximize your system's resources for ArcView 3.x