How To: Merge grid stacks


Instructions for merging two grid stacks.


To merge grid stacks, you must merge the individual grids of the stack into a new stack.

For example, if you have two stacks, stk_a and stk_b, you would have the following structure:

   stk_a       stk_b
stk_ac1 stk_bc1
stk_ac2 stk_bc2
stk_ac3 stk_bc3 (where stk_* are the component grids)

The following procedure shows how to create a single merged stack from these components:

  Grid: layer1 = MERGE (stk_ac1, stk_bc1)
Grid: layer2 = MERGE (stk_ac2, stk_bc2)
Grid: layer3 = MERGE (stk_ac3, stk_bc3)
Grid: MAKESTACK stk_ab LIST layer1 layer2 layer3