How To: Create annotation in bulk from an attribute item in Arcplot


This document describes the steps to create annotation in bulk from a feature attribute table item.


  1. Determine which annotation subclass will receive the new features. If one does not exist, you need to create one.

    Arc: arcedit

    Arcedit: edit world
    The edit coverage is now E:\WORLD

    Arcedit: createfeature anno.country
    Created anno.country within E:\WORLD
    0 element(s) for edit feature anno.country

    Arcedit: createattributes
    Adding annotation attributes to E:\WORLD

    Arcedit: save
    Saving changes for E:\WORLD

  2. In Arcplot, draw the coverage features contained in the item from which you will create annotation.

    Arc: arcplot
    Arcplot: display 9999
    Arcplot: mapextent world
    Arcplot: polygons world

  3. Specify the annotation subclass to receive the new annotation features. In this example, the subclass ANNO.COUNTRY will receive the annotations.

    Usage: ANNOCOVERAGE [cover {subclass} | NONE]
    Arcplot: annocoverage world country

  4. Execute some combination of RESELECT, ASELECT or NSELECT expressions to reduce the selected set of features for which you will create annotation. (OPTIONAL)

  5. Draw item values for the selected features using one of the text displaying commands. In this example, the polygons of the coverage WORLD will have text displayed from the item NAME in the PAT.

    Usage: POLYGONTEXT [cover] [item] {lookup_table}
    Arcplot: polygontext world name

    The text displayed on the screen has now been inserted into the subclass as annotation features.

    For other feature labeling commands, please see the Index tab of ArcDoc under Labeling > Features in ARCPLOT.