Problem: ArcPress clips at letter size with PCL devices


Printing a map larger than letter size with ArcPress, using the HP PCL3 or HP PCL5 driver, causes the output to clip at letter size.


By default, the HP PCL3 and HP PCL5 drivers are limited to letter size output.

Solution or Workaround

Follow the steps below.

  1. Load the 'device1.dat' file into a text editor. For example, Microsoft WordPad.

    For ArcInfo ArcPress:


    For ArcView ArcPress:


  2. In the four lines beginning with 'PCL' change '2340' to '3090' and '3000' to '4800'.

  3. Save and close the 'device1.dat' file.

    This makes the maximum printable area for the PCL devices 11" x 17" / tabloid / B size, the largest setting allowed for these ArcPress devices.

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