Error: ArcSDE for DB2: Socket operation on non-socket

Error Message

Attempting to start SDE produces the following error:

> CONNECT: Socket operation on non-socket
> can not start SDE, Check for zombie process.
> [1] +Done lmgrd -c license.dat > /dev/null

In $SDEHOME/etc/sde.errlog:

%Internal DCE Threads problem (version CMA BL10+), terminating execution.
% Reason: hp_preinit_sig_handler:1
% See 'cma_dump.log' for state information.


Leftover socket file in temporary directory.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Navigate to the temporary directory defined in $SDEHOME/etc/giomgr.defs.
  2. Delete the file socket file named: s.<instance_name>.iomgr. The "ls -l" command will show something like this:

    Srwxrwxrwx 1 liloleme lp 0 Jul18 16:44 s.dbg40_ora.iomgr

  3. Restart the RDBMS and SDE.