Error: (ESRI) The SuperPro driver is not installed on this system

Error Message

The Display Hardware Key Status utility displays this message:

(ESRI) The SuperPro Driver is not installed on this system


The Super Pro driver is not installed correctly, or the parallel port is from a PCI card.

Solution or Workaround


  1. Install the Sentinel Driver

    Instructions provided describe how to install the latest Sentinel Protection Installer. To install the ArcGIS License Manager on Windows Server 2003, the latest driver, version 7.0.0 or higher is required. The driver fully supports Windows Server 2003 and is WHQL certified.

    Prior to installation, download the driver from SafeNet's Web site. A link is provided in the Related Information section below.
    1. Unzip 'Sentinel Protection Installer'.
    2. Double-click 'Sentinel Protection Installer.exe'.
    3. Click Upgrade.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Accept the license agreement.
    6. Select 'Custom' and click Next.
    7. Click the icon to the left of 'Sentinel Protection Server' and select 'This feature will not be available' and click Next.
    8. Click Install.
    9. Click Finish.
      A reboot may be required.
  2. Run the Display Hardware Key Status utility from Start > Programs > ArcInfo > License Manager > Display Hardware Key Status menu.

    If the driver is installed, the following message will be displayed:
    The Sentinel Driver is installed and running.
    Sentinel Driver Version: PD-5.38
    Press any key to continue . . . 
    If the above did not solve the problem, and the parallel port is from a PCI card, call Customer Service (1-888-377-4575) and request a USB Hardware Key. 

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