Problem: Marker symbols appear as strange characters


Marker symbol palette displays strange font symbols such as "#", "$", "&", etc.


Corrupt True Type fonts.

Solution or Workaround


  • Reinstall all ESRI True Type fonts.
    Fonts may not be accessible through ArcMap, because the fonts may not have been installed correctly, or they may have become corrupted.
    1. Disable any anti-virus software on the system.
    2. Open the Control Panel by way of Start > Programs.
    3. Double-click the Fonts folder icon.
    4. Select the fonts to re-install.
    5. Select Copy from the Edit menu.
    6. Navigate to the C:\ drive using Windows Explorer.
    7. Select Paste from the Edit menu to Paste the selected fonts to the C:\ drive.
    8. Select 'Install New Font' from the File menu on the open Fonts folder.
    9. Navigate to C:\ in Windows Explorer.
    10. Select the TTF files pasted to C:\ in the 'List of fonts' selection box.
    11. Click OK.
    Reboot the system to initialize the fonts.
    The Windows operating system stores a registry entry for each font installed on the computer. This registry entry is retained, even if a font is removed from the C:\WINNT\fonts or C:\Windows\fonts folder. Windows does not permit a font with the same name to be reinstalled on the computer.
    Windows 2000 cannot install the new font if the font already exists. A message that the font is already installed will result. Prior to installing the new version, remove the old version.