Error: SDE 3.x for Informix: Invalid entity type mask (cause: long table name)

Error Message

Running shp2sde like this:

shp2sde -o create -l mytable_has_a_big_name,shape -f myshpfile -S "Rights of Ways" -g 256,0,0 -c 1000 -x 6000000,1800000,1000 -a file=crossref.txt -G 26946 -e a+ -v -u sdetest -p mypasswd -s server1 -D mydb -i esri_sde

Produces this error:

ESRI SDE Shape to Layer Loading Utility Tue Jul 11 08:45:09 2000
SDE Code (-31): Invalid entity type mask (Error in SE_layer_create())
Delete layer "mytable_has_a_big_name" ...


The name of the table (and thus the layer) is too long. The extra long string is corrupting the parsing of entity type command option.

Solution or Workaround

Shorten the table name.