How To: Create printable layouts of all the symbol palettes


Instructions provided are to produce a hardcopy of the current symbols loaded into the symbol palette using the symbol dump Avenue script, which is included with ArcView GIS.


  1. In ArcView, double-click the Scripts icon in the projects window.
Project Window with the scripts icon selected
  1. Once the New Scripts window appears, select the Open Text File button: Icon for opening a text file from the scripts window
    from the top button bar and navigate to the sample scripts directory:
  1. In this directory is a file named symdump.ave; double-click on the file to open it into the script window.
  2. Click the Compile button [O-Image] Script compile button and click the Run button [O-Image] Run compiled script button
    The script displays a selection of symbol palettes from which to create a layout.
Symbol Dump Window
  1. Select a symbol type; click OK. The script creates as many 8.5 inch by 11 inch layouts as needed to display all items in the given palette. These layouts may then be printed.