Problem: Bearing on the status line of palm-size Winows CE computer is not visible

Solution or Workaround

Product: ArcPad 5.0

Platform: Palm-size Windows CE


I can't see the bearing on the bottom status line on my palm-size Windows CE
computer. I can see it on a hand-held Windows CE computer. Why?


The reason why you do not see the distance and bearing on the status bar on the
palm-size Windows CE computer is that the screen size is just too small to fit
all of the information in the status bar.


The screen on palm-size Windows CE computers is 1/3 of the width compared to
hand-held Windows CE computers: 240 vs. 640 pixels. The distance and bearing
is actually always sent to the status bar, but is clipped by the control on the
narrow palm-size screens.


The "distance and bearing" shows the distance and bearing to the current pen
location from where the pen first touched the screen. You only get to it when
the pen is in not in a mode (i.e. no pen mode selected), or when no button on
the toobar is active.

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