How To: Creating combobox controls in forms for ArcPad


Product: ArcPad 5.0

Platform: Windows CE, 95, 98, NT


I have created a combobox control in a form using the ArcPad Tools for ArcView
GIS. When I try to use the combobox in ArcPad my values for the combobox do not
show. The combobox control shows up but when I click on the down arrow but
there are no values. I have double checked my TAG Property box and everything
is fine. I have brought one of the sample forms up in NotePad and compared it
to my form - everything looks okay. What is the problem?


The height or width of the combobox control is insufficient to display the
combobox values.


Increase the height and/or width of the combobox field. You can either increase
the height and width in ArcView GIS and re-export the form, or you can edit the
ArcPad form file (.apf) with a text editor.



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