How To: Connect a GPS receiver



Steps to connect a GPS receiver to ArcPad.


To connect a GPS receiver to ArcPad 5.0 you need to do the following:

1. Make sure that your ArcPad project has a defined projection, hence the GPS buttons are enabled.

2. In ArcPad, under the ArcPad options, GPS tab, select the GPS protocol, NMEA or TSIP.

ArcPad 5.0 is only GPS enabled for Trimble GPS receivers in the US, US Territories, and within one degree latitude or longitude of US Territories. Trimble support in the US is provided via the TSIP protocol.

3. Make sure your GPS receiver is configured to output NMEA or TSIP, depending on which protocol you are using with ArcPad. Many GPS receivers ship with the output protocol inactive by default.

4. Make sure the GPS port configurations on the GPS receiver and in ArcPad's GPS Port options match.

5. Make sure the serial connection between the GPS receiver and the Windows CE computer, or PC is OK.

On Windows CE, if you're using a standard ActiveSync cable, or cradle, and also using the standard GPS receiver serial to PC cable, you will need a NULL modem connector to switch pins 2 and 3 (Transmit and Receive).

6. Open the GPS Debug window to verify that the communication with the GPS receiver is working.

If you are using the NMEA protocol, you should see OK messages interspersed with legible NMEA messages. If you do not see this, or you see illegible NMEA messages, you need to check your communication settings and cable.

If you are using the TSIP protocol, you will see regular OK messages in the GPS Debug window. Make sure you don't see any error messages (checksum) in the Debug window.

7. Open the GPS Position Window and verify that the GPS coordinates are correct and what you would expect.

For most GPS receivers there is no need to send an initialization message to the receiver in order to successfully connect the receiver with ArcPad. The initialization message would only be used if you needed to change the configuration on the GPS. For example, you may want to set the GPS coordinate frequency when connecting to ArcPad. The initialization message is only applicable with the NMEA protocol.

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